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Chakra Herbal Bath Salts

Chakra Herbal Bath Salts

Each beautifully designed, hand painted, glass jar comes complete with Hernal Bath Salt specifically intended to bring your Chakras back into and help maintain your balance. Each jar has also been infused with Reiki Healing Energy. 


All jars are equipped with a wearable chakra charm, that can be used as a keychain, a bracelet and/or a necklace. The choice is yours. 


Purple - Crown Chakra Infused with Lavendar

Dark Blue - Third -Eye Chakra Infused with Sweet MInt & Lavendar

Light Blue - Throat Chakra Infused with Lemonbalm & Eucalyptus

Green - Heart Chakra Infused with Rose, Jasmine & Chamomile

Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra Infused with Rosemary & Chamomile

Orange - Sacral Chakra Infused with Calendula & Hibiscus

Red - Root Chakra Infused with Ashwaganda & Dandelion Root


Buy One or Buy them all. You decide. 

Bath Salt refills are sold seperately. 


Approximate Dimensions 3.5" h x 2" w

Holds Approximately 3.5 ozs. 

  • Proper Usage:

    Simply place anywhere from 1 Tablespoon to the entire jar in the bath water. You may also pour contents into a tea bag or coffee filter and tie it closed, then place the pouch in the water.  To drain, please make sure to use a straining device. 

    Please research any and all herbs prior to use. Use at your discretion. 

    Please drain product responsibly. Bare Roots Livin' and it's affiliates are not liable for any damages that may occur from improper usage.

    This product does not cure or treat any ailments. If problems persists please seek medical attention. Discontinue all use if skin irritation occurs.  

  • Return Policy

    All sales are final. No Refunds. 

    Unopened, Unused and Undamaged items may be returned, within 14 days of sale date, at owners expense for a store credit in the amount of the orginal sale. 

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