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In their words

5 Stars! Two things I would love to comment on: her products, and her psychic gifts! I'll start with the products in the following paragraph, and her psychic gifts in the third paragraph. 
I have bought 10 tinctures, 2 tea blends, 1 oil, and 1 smudging spray so far. I already feel a difference having taken three of the tinctures daily for 2 weeks. I prescribed my husband 3 of the other tinctures as well, and he likes to put them in his bottle of water and digest them that way. (I haven't used the other tinctures yet). I just love that she has quality products and knows her herbs! 
Now yesterday I saw her at a psychic fair and got a reading from her, and right from the start, she was absolutely correct! She talked about my personality and my relationship with people, my old job and my transition to the new, my psychic gifts that I've been practicing (clairaudience, claircognizance, and astral travel -- how did she get so specific?!), and she gave messages from the divine/universe. I was so impressed, that I bought my bestie a reading too, and she was so on point with her about her husband, her love of dancing, and what the future was bringing for her!
Jackie is the real deal!🤩🤩🤩

​Jaime Gould

I ordered the heart chakra bath salt and the Sexxxy tea. I was honestly surprised at how fast they arrived! And the bath salts….I cannot put into words how much I friggin LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! It made me feel magical, beautiful, and peaceful. I got out of the tub feeling like the goddess I am! Highly recommend 💚💗💚 I haven’t tried the tea yet, but it smells amazing and I can’t wait to try it. If you’re thinking about ordering or shopping with this seller DO IT! 
One other thing, the seller is so sweet, she communicated very well, and has some of the best vibes I’ve gotten from anyone I’ve bought from. 
Needless to say I’m very pleased with my purchase and will be buying from here again in the very near future 🥰

​​Alysa Rush 

This is your testimonial quote, the place to feature a review about your products, team and the great shopping experience you offer. Build your customer base by demonstrating why your Online Metaphysical Supply Store is so special.Jackie is an amazing person and her products are amazing check her out!

​​Thomas Baker

The service and connection here is truly something fantastic. I had my first, of many sessions to come, mid week and am still noticing changes and movement in both the energy and physical self; days later.  

It was one of the most empowering experience I have ever had.

Jackie is amazing!! 

Through clearing and cleansing, I was able to find clairity, and reach into the places I dont share with others. The messages that came through were profound, detailed, beautifully comforting and accurate. 

With Jackie's loving connection I was able to accept, heal and release things I have been avoiding so long it was a literal weight on my body! the physical relief was unreal. The insights and love I recieved through this session changed my perspective and allowed me to see myself outside of my ego lenses.

Empowerment is an understatement!

 Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

Vivyayna Helzer-Ravenfeather

This company amazes me with their ability to help you feel more aligned with your overall wellness. From the readings to the tinctures, Jackie has been able to support my every need, and does it with such passion!

​​Kaitlin Krestel 

I’ve only had the opportunity to get an online reading from Jackie but she was definitely great. I could sense her intuition from afar and without me sharing any information she knew what was going on. She gave me insight on my situation and I immediately felt a lot clearer. I definitely recommend her and would love to work with her later in the future.

Teresa Perez

Im a sensitive soul. Pictures, music, words captivate me . Now, Jackie - she captivated my core. She validated my transformation. My heightened emotions. My trauma and working through it. I’ve been questioning everything I have ever known and learned and it’s part of my journey. This in between is OK. Simple as that. She validated everything I felt, but have been failing to think/believe. I am never one to post or try my luck. But I did and I now know it was for a reason. I have been feeling low on “spirit”. Peeling away the layers of yourself is hard work. Jackie validated everything that I knew in my heart but questioned in my head. Gifted. Beautiful. And warm. 3 words to describe her from a few comments on a post. I felt her vibrations through the 3 card pull she did for me on a mutual group. Moral of the story everything happens for a reason, this interaction with Jackie is solid proof….The universe works in mysterious ways my friends. Time to take a deep breathe and let go of the reigns, for now. Magic is all around us, we just have to believe. Love and light 🦋. Thank you Jackie

Samantha Eve

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