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Welcome to the Collaborative

Who We Are


Jackie Krestel


Jackie has been described as a Shaman, Heyoka Empath, Intuit, Medium and is a Certified Reiki Master and Ordained Minister. Jackie is also the owner and operator of Bare Roots Livin’, where they take people back to their roots by bringing them peace, joy and happiness to their home, garden and soul. 

Jackie’s life path has not been an easy one. She was gifted at a very young age, with no guidance, and hit with a lifetime of tragic events.  In 2016, she was called onto her spiritual career path, no longer able to fight against it. She knew that she needed to make a life change. It was then, that she completely embraced her spiritual gifts and the flood gates of possibility opened.  After several years of intense self healing, reflection and past life regression therapy, and with the complete understanding that life is a constant learning journey, she is ready to share those gifts with you teaching about balance and duality. Staying grounded in the here and now while still honoring the spirit within.

Jackie has been described as passionate, eager, loving, honest, open, straight forward, humble and funny. Truly believing that laughter and love is the best medicine she brings that energy to every Reiki Healing session, spiritual reading, meditation, spiritual life coaching session and the co-partnered parent/child workshop that she offers

Life is a journey never a destination. Our growth never stops.

So surround yourself with peace, love and light!

Let your spirit guide the way! 


Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church,


Shamanic Ceremonial Journey Within, Hummingbird Medicine

12 hour Spiritual Workshop – 2017, 2019, 2023, 2024

Reiki Level One and Level Two Certification, Cosmic Heart Healing

March 2019 / April 2019

Reiki Master Level Certification, Natural Healer

April 2020

Happiness & Life Purpose Life Coach Certification, Transformation Academy

August 2020

Guided Meditations, 4000+ hours (and growing)

5 years - 2016 to present

Continuing Education- Mooji, Deepak Chopra, Louise L. Hay, Doreen Virtue

Podcasts, Meditations, Books and Videos, Self Thought

5 years – 2016 to present


HelenMarie - HM3 Advocate


HelenMarie Majer McCracken is an embodied spiritual life guide and holistic healing practitioner on a mission to illuminate the path to personal transformation and empowerment. My journey is a testament to the incredible power of healing, and my purpose is to share this light with others.
Who Am I? I am a beacon of hope and a living example that a life filled with trauma can be transcended. Having navigated my own labyrinth of challenges, I stand before you as a beacon of hope, living my best life as proof that healing is possible and can lead to unprecedented joy, abundance, and fulfillment.
What I Do: Holistic Healing and Spiritual Guidance As an embodied spiritual life guide, I specialize in holistic healing practices that extend far beyond the conventional realms. My offerings encompass a kaleidoscope of transformative modalities, including trauma healing, quantum energy healing, self-love cultivation, self-care rituals, mindset mastery, hypnotherapy, psychosomatic therapy, breathwork, nervous system regulation, manifestation techniques, meditation, boundary creation, mindfulness practices, and the sacred art of Chakra healing.
Why do I Do It? My passion is rooted in the belief that everyone deserves to experience a life overflowing with safety, love, joy, and abundance. I am committed to being a guiding light for those seeking a path to transformation, reminding them that what is possible for one is possible for all. Through my journey, I have discovered the resilience of the human spirit and its capacity to rise from the darkest depths into a life of radiant possibility. My offerings are a tapestry of tools designed to support your unique journey.
Living Proof of Transformation: I am not just a guide but a living testament to the transformative power of holistic healing. By embodying the principles I teach, I have unlocked the door to my best life, and now I am devoted to helping others do the same. My mission is to empower individuals to overcome their past, rewrite their narratives, and step into a future filled with limitless potential.
Your Journey to Healing Starts Now. If you’ve ever doubted whether you can emerge from the shadows of your past, let me assure you: you can and deserve it. Together, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. I am here to be your guide, ally, and cheerleader, reminding you that your best life is within reach.
Remember, if I can do it, so can you. Let’s co-create a reality where each soul can live a safe, joyful, abundant, and fulfilling life. What awaits you is not just healing; it is a radiant transformation into the vibrant being you are meant to be.
“Each time a woman stands up for herself without knowing it, possibly without claiming it, she stands up for all women.”
–Maya Angelou


Chelle Elliot - BBB Boutique


Owner and creator of Bella's B!tch!ng Bada$$ Boutique. Here you can find custom made jewelry of all kinds.


MaryAnne Mott - Maryanne's Creative Mix


Owner and Creator of MaryAnne's Creative Mix. Not only does MaryAnne create some of the cutest gifts and accessories, she also has a blog and teaches other crafters her knowledge. 
Be sure to check her out on Youtube,, facebook and more.


Mollie C - Mystic Candle and Metaphysical


Mollie is the owner and creator of Mystic Candle and Metaphysical. She maintained a brick and mortar shop on the East side of Tucson for many years. Not only does she create amazing all natural candles, she is also our resident Sound therapy Practitioner.

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