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Compound Tinctures

Compound Tinctures


I am more than happy to answer that question for you... TiNCTURES are the strongest form of herbal infusions that the body can ingest. Tinctures are made from leaves, bark, roots, berries, seeds, and spices, either by slow infusion or by using heat. Tinctures contained here are alcohol based and are used for their medicinal purposes. 


Each compound has been uniquely created with a specific healing purpose in mind. These herbal combinations will help enhance, reduce and improve your everyday symptoms. We have blends to help with anxiety, weight-loss, sleep, dream state, inflammation, stress, the reproductive system both male and female, energy levels, and so much more. 


Appetite Control - Great weight loss management, helps to curb appetite, increase metabolism and reduce cravings. 
Calm Body - Great for helping reduce inflammation in the body. 
Cleansing Protection - Amazing for helping with the common cold and other ailments
DreamWeaver - Great for helping bring back your dreams
Energy Booster - Great pick up or coffee replacement
Focused Clarity - Great to help gain clarity and relieve symptoms of ADD & ADHD

Heavy Metal Detox - Great for removing heavy metals that we are exposed to on a daily basis. 




  • Disclaimer

    ***Disclamier - Legal Reasons Only - This information is intended for educational purposes only and should not be considered as a recommendation or an endorsement of any particular medical or health treatment. Please consult a health care provider before pursuing any herbal treaments. I am not a medical professional. The information provided here within is intended to support your overall health and wellness and is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN***


    See package label for usage instructions. 

    General Instructions: Shake before use. Natural plant sedimant may occur. Place 1 - 3 droppers under your tongue, straight down your throat or in a beverage of your choice. 

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