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Sacred White Sage

Sacred White Sage

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These beauties are ethically harvested and organically grown. It is super important for me to support the culture from where these tools come from. The bundles come from Sacred Generational Native American Land right here in the US.


White Sage has been used for generations to remove all energy from oneself and their surrounding areas. It is very important when using White Sage (only) that you follow up with something that brings in the good energy... Palo Santo, Florida Water, Diffusing Organic Essential Oils or a simmer pot of flowers, herbs and spices.... just to name a few. 


Each bundle is approximately 4" long and 1" wide


    Please burn responsibly and light the end opposite of the main knot. This will ensure that your bundle stays wrapped. Extinguish by gently dabbing or smothering on a fire safe surface.

    Please burn responsibly. Never leave unattended or around children. 


    All sales are final. No Refunds. 

    Unopened, Unused and Undamaged items may be returned, within 14 days of sale date, at owners expense for a store credit in the amount of the orginal sale. 


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