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White Sage/Palo Santo Bundle

White Sage/Palo Santo Bundle

Get the best of both world's with these sacred cleansing traditions. By combining the power of the White Sage and Palo Santo you bring in the higher frequencies and cleanse out the lower all in one quick step. No need for any additional steps when using this beautiful bundle. Bundles are wrapped with all natural hemp thread in multiple colors. 


Purple for added Spiritual Connection

Black for added Protection

White for added Purity

Green for added Adundance

Pink/Red for added Love and Passion

Blue for added Serenity

Brown for added Grounding

  • Proper Usage:

    Please burn responsibly and light the end opposite of the main knot. This will ensure that your bundle stays wrapped. Extinguish by gently dabbing or smothering on a fire safe surface. 

    Please burn responsibly. Never leave unattended or around children. 

  • Return Policy

    All sales are final. No Refunds. 

    Unopened, Unused and Undamaged items may be returned, within 14 days of sale date, at owners expense for a store credit in the amount of the orginal sale. 

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